Waking up from hibernation.

This post is dedicated to Sam, who emailed me in the FALL to nudge me to post to the blog. (The blog has also found a new home here on my site…) Sam, I never even answered the email, but you've been camped out in my brain, whispering "Did you post yet? Come on, Kate. Get on it!" for months. :)


Hi guys!

I've been pretty quiet recently. In one of the many updates that I composed in my head but never posted, I was going to write and say how 2014 was an epic, amazing year. I got married, made an album, and moved. Twice. It was great, and eventful, but by August I was wiped out. By the fall, I still made and played music, but with less gigs and at a slower pace. I needed it. 

It's always come in waves like that for me, and a slow time is always followed by an, "Oh, man. I miss music" exclamation and then some frantic gig booking. That happened around Christmas and as a result I scored some awesome opening slots in the Northeast with my friend Amy Speace. (DC, PA and Boston, I'll see you in April! Check the shows page for details.)

So, I just wanted to say hi. And that I miss you. And that I'm still making music. Here's a rough demo of a not-quite-there song from a few months back.

Also, I'm working on a new project. A collaboration. Due out in August. Infer from that what you will :)