The New Album "Something Green" is out!

Listen now on your favorite streaming platform, and check out the lyrics videos below! (Fun fact - I made them both myself - the Something Green one cost $15 – the cost of the projection screen – and then a billion hours of editing. The video for Lines consisted of hours of finding and compiling musical theater footage.)  Here's where to find it.

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New Album! Join my Kickstarter!

"Something Green"

The new album is nearly done, and the Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE! Support the project and help get the album released (and score some fun perks, early access to the music and more!) 


Ok, I'll admit I've been a bit of a Granny. (Insert mumblings about "kids these days" and conspiracy theories about "the cloud" here...) 

Despite me not checking it for about, oh, five years, it turns out I actually AM on Spotify. I just never told anyone. Will you follow me? Check me out on Spotify here :)

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